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Cecil Kilpin | December 2020 Newsletter

By |2020-12-03T11:17:10+02:00Nov 30th, 2020|Business, Finance + Economics, Goverment, Newsletter|

(extract from the World economic forum’s “The Great Reset”) The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted many ways to do business more responsibly once it recedes. The cost of continuing with business as usual after COVID-19, without shifting investment from polluting fossil fuels to clean renewable energy, will only lead to further crises, according to a letter sent on behalf of more than 40 million health professionals to the leaders of G20 countries in May 2020. The letter asked that as governments devise massive stimulus packages in the wake of the pandemic they prioritize clean air, clean water, and a stable climate - in ways that build resilience to future health crises while at the same time creating more sustainable jobs. According [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | September 2020 Newsletter

By |2020-12-03T06:34:21+02:00Oct 1st, 2020|Business, Finance + Economics, Goverment, Newsletter, Tax|

Economic Overview The economic effects of the coronavirus crisis have been extensive and a recovery to pre-pandemic levels will take several years. Current forecasts from the IMF show global gross domestic product (GDP) contracting by about 4.9% this year, although the general economic outlook has improved somewhat. Second quarter GDP outcomes for most economies have been massively negative, as expected. At this stage, third and fourth quarter recoveries for 2020 are expected to be robust. However, the pace of growth into 2021 could be modest, depending on control of new virus outbreaks, the extent of supply and demand losses, and future growth in investment and productivity.   The Covid-19 outbreak has had major health, social and economic impacts, presenting difficulties in forecasting domestic and global [...]

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