Cecil Kilpin | April 2023 Newsletter

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Employer Annual Declarations (EMP501): Due 31 May 2023 Employers are required to submit their annual reconciliation declarations (EMP501) that reflect accurate and the latest payroll information about their employees, monthly employer declarations  (EMP201) for PAYE, UIF and SDL; payments made (excluding penalties and interest paid); and employee tax certificates (IRP5/IT3(a)s generated, covering the full tax year from 1 March 2022 to 28 February 2023. To make it easier for you to reconcile, easily and conveniently we would like to draw your attention to essential information that you need to know: Before submitting the annual EMP501 for 2023, employers must submit all outstanding monthly declarations (EMP201) and annual reconciliations (EMP501), as well as make all payments due Employers, Tax Practitioners and [...]