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Cecil Kilpin | October 2019 Newsletter

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Developing a Strategy to Grow in the Short Term South Africa has limited growth potential in the short term. While government gets its house in order, we need to make sure that, as business owners, we have the correct strategy in place to meet the challenges that face us. Real value lies in the process of putting the plan together. The act of planning helps you think things through thoroughly, and to critically re-assess your assumptions and ideas. A good strategy needs to be short, sharp and coherent, with a strong opening paragraph illustrating where you are going and how you aim to get there. STRATEGY AND GOALS List your goals and your mission statementDevelop a strategic plan of how your business will achieve its [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | September 2019 Newsletter

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Economic Policy Paper for Public Comment The Minister of Finance, Mr Tito Mboweni, is calling on members of the public to make comments on a paper titled: “Economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness: Towards an Economic Strategy for South Africa”. The paper, prepared by the National Treasury, is an attempt to translate the broad outcomes of inclusive growth, economic transformation, and competitiveness into specific programmes and draw on a range of domestic and international literature to support these policy priorities. This paper considers the contribution of specific growth reforms that can achieve the outcomes of economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness. The paper draws on the National Development Plan to outline six themes and the contribution of growth reforms within each theme that prioritize economic transformation, inclusive growth, and competitiveness. The themes include: Modernizing [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | May 2017 Newsletter

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What Junk Status Means for South Africa For the first time in 17 years, South Africa's credit rating has been downgraded to "non-investment grade" or "junk" status by the ratings agencies S&P Global and Fitch. The third major rating agency, Moody’s, is yet to announce their revised credit rating for South Africa. This financial downgrade will make it more expensive for South Africa to borrow money as lending to this country is now considered to be very risky.  A bit like individuals with a poor credit rating who resort to borrowing from ‘loan sharks’, the SA government will now have to borrow from investors who are willing to invest in higher risk debt - this is expensive.Putting this into perspective, for the period April 2015 [...]

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