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Cecil Kilpin | March 2019 Newsletter

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Corporate Governance and The Prescribed Officer Corporate governance is under scrutiny like never before in South Africa. While most people believe that it is only appointed directors of a company who can be held personally liable, the Companies Act provides for a wider definition and includes Prescribed Officers.A Prescribed Officer is a title created by the 2008 Companies Act and is anyone who fulfils the role of a director but who is operating (intentionally or otherwise) under a different designation.Regulation 38 states that, despite not being a director of a particular company, a person is a “prescribed officer” of the company for all purposes of the Act, if that person: Exercises general executive control over the management of the whole, or a significant portion, of [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | December 2017 Newsletter

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Davis Tax Committee (DTC) Publishes Final Reports The Davis Tax Committee was established in 2013 to review what role the tax system can play in addressing the following key issues amongst others: Economic growth Unemployment, poverty and inequality Small business growth Corporate tax base erosion and profit shifting In this context the following six final reports have been published: Funding of tertiary education in South Africa Financing a National Health Insurance (NHI) for South Africa Second and final report on base erosion and profit shifting Second and final report on hard-rock mining Oil and gas report coupled with an IMF report on the same topic for the DTC Tax Administration Given the importance (and potential impact) of these issues, we will summarise the key findings [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | February 2013 Newsletter

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Deadline: 30 April 2013 - Your New MOI:  Every company which existed prior to 1 May 2011 is required toensure that it’s Memorandum and Articles of Association is aligned with the 2008 Companies Act, as amended. The deadline for submission of your new MOI to CIPC is the 30th April 2013. Here are some compelling reasons why it is advisable to meet the deadline: If the amendment is filed before 30 April 2013, there will be no CIPC fee charged Any provision contained in a company’s current Articles that is in conflict with the new Act will not be valid after 30 April 2013 The new Act has removed the compulsory audit of private companies, if their public interest score is less than 350. The [...]

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