Cecil Kilpin | Setember 2021 Newsletter

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Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) set for the 4th of November 2021 Newly appointed Minister of Finance, Mr Enoch Godongwana. Will table the MTBPS on the 4th of November at 14h00. The MTBPS sets out the policy framework for the Budget that is presented every February, updates National Treasury's economic forecasts, adjusts the budgets of government departments and makes emergency changes to spending. The minister faces a tough challenge to balance the books. South Africa was facing an uphill battle prior to the pandemic and has pretty much exhausted all avenues of emergency funding to help the man in the street survive. At the recent National Investment Dialogue, the Minister presented a speech titled “Investment Challenges and Opportunities [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | August 2021 Newsletter

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Revising Your Estate Plan While one should review their estate plan annually, here are some key events which should ring a bell for an estate planner to revise their estate plan: Divorce  The Wills Act states that except where expressly otherwise provided, a bequest to a divorced spouse will be deemed revoked if the testator dies within three months of the divorce. This provision is to allow a divorced person a period of three months to amend their Will, after the trauma of a divorce. Should he/she fail to amend their Will within three months after their divorce, the deemed revocation rule will fall away, and the divorced spouse will benefit as indicated in the Will In addition, review beneficiary nominations on [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | January 2021 Newsletter

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Apps and the benefits they bring The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and as more emerging technologies gain traction, more and more opportunities become available to businesses that need to be utilized otherwise they risk falling behind – especially now that we are living in a vastly different “New Normal”. It is now harder for businesses to only rely on word of mouth or the use of bulk emailing to keep their clients informed and must utilize all digital platforms in order to thrive. Though having a website is necessary, it is now no longer enough as more than 50% of time spent on the internet is spent on smartphone apps as opposed to desktops. Even mobile sites [...]

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