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Cecil Kilpin | October 2020 Newsletter

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A Social Partnership To Boost Confidence, Restart The Economy And Conduct Urgent Reforms (Extract from the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement) The economic recovery plan was developed through extensive consultations between government, business, labour and civil society. It has two broad components. A range of immediate and short-term measures will be taken to rebuild confidence, kick-start the economy and continue to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. And structural reforms will promote faster, more inclusive growth and employment over the medium to long term. Many of these reforms are drawn from government’s long-term structural reform agenda as outlined in the discussion paper that the National Treasury released in 2019 – Economic Transformation, Inclusive Growth, and Competitiveness: Towards an Economic Strategy for South Africa. Parliament approved [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | September 2020 Newsletter

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Economic Overview The economic effects of the coronavirus crisis have been extensive and a recovery to pre-pandemic levels will take several years. Current forecasts from the IMF show global gross domestic product (GDP) contracting by about 4.9% this year, although the general economic outlook has improved somewhat. Second quarter GDP outcomes for most economies have been massively negative, as expected. At this stage, third and fourth quarter recoveries for 2020 are expected to be robust. However, the pace of growth into 2021 could be modest, depending on control of new virus outbreaks, the extent of supply and demand losses, and future growth in investment and productivity.   The Covid-19 outbreak has had major health, social and economic impacts, presenting difficulties in forecasting domestic and global [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | August 2019 Newsletter

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National Health Insurance (NHI) The NHI Bill was recently promulgated amid a mixed reaction sentiment, positive and negative. While one can identify strongly with the rationale, affordability is paramount as is the management of such a fund. “National Health Insurance is a way of providing good healthcare for all by sharing the money available for healthcare among all our people. The health benefits that you receive will depend on how sick you are, not on how wealthy you are.” So, the big question is how we fund this. The bill is very thin on the funding model with vague mentions of around 5% of the national wage bill plus zero medical credits going forward. Very simply, it would appear that roughly 20% of the population [...]

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