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Cecil Kilpin | January 2023 Newsletter

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Administrative Penalties for Late Submission of Tax Returns. With effect from 1 December 2022*, administrative penalties relating to the late submission of a tax return will be charged when one or more tax return(s) relating to tax years from 2007 up to 2020 are outstanding. Prior to this change, taxpayers were only liable for administrative penalties for late submission if they had two or more tax returns outstanding for these tax years. Incidences of non-compliance subject to a fixed amount penalty: Individuals (Personal Income Tax) – From 1 December 2022 if a natural person failed to submit an income tax return for years of assessment from 2007 onwards when that person has one or more income tax returns [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | March 2022 Newsletter

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2022/2023 Budget Highlights The Minister of finance Enoch Godongwana tabled his Budget review on the 23 rd February 2022. The following were the key tax issues arising. Personal Income Tax: Inflationary relief through a 4.5 percent adjustment in the tax brackets and rebates Employment Tax Incentive: Expanded through a 50 percent increase to a R1 500 per month Fuel & RAF Levies: No change to the general fuel levy or the Road Accident Fund (RAF) levy Excise Duties: Increases of between 4.5 percent and 6.5 percent on alcohol and tobacco Corporate Income Tax: Effective for tax years ending on or after 31 March 2023 the rate is reduced to 27% Disclosure of Wealth: It is proposed that all provisional taxpayers with assets above R50 [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | February 2021 Newsletter

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Tax Guide for 2021 / 2022 Click the PDF icon or the button below to view & download our latest Tax Guide. Any of the five partners can be contacted regarding your specific tax requirements. In addition we have tax consultants and tax compliance officers specifically equipped to deal with tax matters. Download Tax Guide Ensuring an Affordable Public-Service Wage Bill The sustainability of the public finances will depend heavily on government’s ability to reduce growth in the public-service wage bill. Compensation accounted for about 34 per cent of consolidated spending in 2019/20. Between 2006/07 and 2019/20, compensation was one of the fastest-growing spending items, increasing faster than GDP growth. As outlined in previous editions [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | February 2020 Newsletter

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Tax Guide 2020/ 2021: We have recently released our Tax Guide for 2020/ 21 - Download it here. Download 2020 Budget Review “The Aloe Ferox survives and thrives when times are tough. It actually prefers less water. It wins even when it seems the odds are against it. “ Tito Mboweni In a surprise move Minister Mboweni made no dramatic tax proposals to balance the books. In fact a number of proposals will actually reduce personal income tax, and, in the longer term, corporate taxes could be reduced. The budget highlights are as follows: Personal Income Tax: Relief through an above inflation increase in the brackets and rebates Medical Tax Credits: Increase in medical credits Foreign Remuneration Exemption: Exemption will be limited to R1.25m from [...]

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