Cecil Kilpin | May 2023 Newsletter

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Cybercrime and the Role of Directors. The recent pandemic has seen a dramatic move towards the use of technology in the business world. While the use of technology has in some instances increased productivity and eased the way of doing business, cybercrime has become is a global phenomenon with company data being hacked on an all to regular basis. The big question is who is responsible for the safety of data and privacy of information. South Africa has world class legislation which at times does not deter cyber criminals due to the lack of enforcement by authorities. Legislation clearly puts the onus on directors of a company to take all reasonable steps to protect sensitive data. Directors duties [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | July 2021 Newsletter

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SASRIA & Fiscal Budget The South African Special Risks Insurance Association (SASRIA) will form a key part of the intervention to help insured businesses restore their operations. Together with reinsurers, SASRIA has already begun its claim administration process. Pay-outs will be provided to all covered businesses. Crucially, government has decided to provide full financial backing to SASRIA should it exceed its solvency limits. The National Treasury is putting in place the necessary arrangements to ensure that this commitment is met should it be needed. Qualifying uninsured businesses will be supported by the state, partly through a reprioritisation of the existing support mechanisms for Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). The Government is also engaging with relevant stakeholders (NEDLAC, banks, insurance companies and [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | May 2021 Newsletter

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Doing Business in South Africa – Our New Normal The economic effects of the coronavirus crisis have been extensive in South Africa (SA) and a recovery to pre-pandemic levels will take several years. While it is forecast that the SA economy will recover marginally in 2021, it is likely to be uneven and subdued. From a global perspective, the exceptionally accommodative policies in many advanced economies and improved economic outlooks have supported a partial recovery in global financial markets. This has so far resulted in only a trickle of fresh capital flows to emerging markets, and financing conditions remain uncertain. This, together with the sharp rise in SA’s public financing needs, arising from falling tax revenue and higher [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | April 2021 Newsletter

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Travelers’ Disclosure Requirements Any person travelling in or out of the Republic of South Africa should unreservedly declare: All goods (including goods of another person) upon his person or in his possession which were purchased or otherwise acquired abroad or on any ship, vehicle or in any shop selling goods on which duty has not been paid; were remodeled, processed or repaired abroad, on arrival Goods that are prohibited, restricted or controlled under any law Goods that were required to be declared before leaving the Republic Before leaving, all goods which a traveler is taking with them beyond the borders of the Republic, including goods which are: Carried on behalf of another person Intended for remodel, process or repair [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | March 2021 Newsletter

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Asset Tokenization As emerging technologies become more accepted and established throughout society, old problems become solved and new opportunities start to arise. Blockchain has been around for over a decade and has been popularized mostly through its association with cryptocurrencies. Offering numerous benefits, new applications of blockchain are constantly being researched in the hopes of disrupting industries. One of these applications is that of tokenization – specifically, the tokenization of assets. Firstly, what is asset tokenization? Effectively, it is the taking of a physical asset and converting it into a digital medium which is represented as a token on the blockchain. Each token also contains the associated ownership rights of the asset. For example, a house worth R1 [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | January 2021 Newsletter

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Apps and the benefits they bring The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and as more emerging technologies gain traction, more and more opportunities become available to businesses that need to be utilized otherwise they risk falling behind – especially now that we are living in a vastly different “New Normal”. It is now harder for businesses to only rely on word of mouth or the use of bulk emailing to keep their clients informed and must utilize all digital platforms in order to thrive. Though having a website is necessary, it is now no longer enough as more than 50% of time spent on the internet is spent on smartphone apps as opposed to desktops. Even mobile sites [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | December 2020 Newsletter

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(extract from the World economic forum’s “The Great Reset”) The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted many ways to do business more responsibly once it recedes. The cost of continuing with business as usual after COVID-19, without shifting investment from polluting fossil fuels to clean renewable energy, will only lead to further crises, according to a letter sent on behalf of more than 40 million health professionals to the leaders of G20 countries in May 2020. The letter asked that as governments devise massive stimulus packages in the wake of the pandemic they prioritize clean air, clean water, and a stable climate - in ways that build resilience to future health crises while at the same time creating more sustainable jobs. According [...]

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