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Cecil Kilpin | December 2020 Newsletter

By |2020-12-03T11:17:10+02:00Nov 30th, 2020|Business, Finance + Economics, Goverment, Newsletter|

(extract from the World economic forum’s “The Great Reset”) The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted many ways to do business more responsibly once it recedes. The cost of continuing with business as usual after COVID-19, without shifting investment from polluting fossil fuels to clean renewable energy, will only lead to further crises, according to a letter sent on behalf of more than 40 million health professionals to the leaders of G20 countries in May 2020. The letter asked that as governments devise massive stimulus packages in the wake of the pandemic they prioritize clean air, clean water, and a stable climate - in ways that build resilience to future health crises while at the same time creating more sustainable jobs. According [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | August 2019 Newsletter

By |2019-08-22T10:52:40+02:00Aug 16th, 2019|Accounting, Business, Finance + Economics, Goverment, Tax|

National Health Insurance (NHI) The NHI Bill was recently promulgated amid a mixed reaction sentiment, positive and negative. While one can identify strongly with the rationale, affordability is paramount as is the management of such a fund. “National Health Insurance is a way of providing good healthcare for all by sharing the money available for healthcare among all our people. The health benefits that you receive will depend on how sick you are, not on how wealthy you are.” So, the big question is how we fund this. The bill is very thin on the funding model with vague mentions of around 5% of the national wage bill plus zero medical credits going forward. Very simply, it would appear that roughly 20% of the population [...]

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