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Cecil Kilpin | March 2021 Newsletter

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Asset Tokenization As emerging technologies become more accepted and established throughout society, old problems become solved and new opportunities start to arise. Blockchain has been around for over a decade and has been popularized mostly through its association with cryptocurrencies. Offering numerous benefits, new applications of blockchain are constantly being researched in the hopes of disrupting industries. One of these applications is that of tokenization – specifically, the tokenization of assets. Firstly, what is asset tokenization? Effectively, it is the taking of a physical asset and converting it into a digital medium which is represented as a token on the blockchain. Each token also contains the associated ownership rights of the asset. For example, a house worth R1 [...]

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Cecil Kilpin | March 2019 Newsletter

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Corporate Governance and The Prescribed Officer Corporate governance is under scrutiny like never before in South Africa. While most people believe that it is only appointed directors of a company who can be held personally liable, the Companies Act provides for a wider definition and includes Prescribed Officers.A Prescribed Officer is a title created by the 2008 Companies Act and is anyone who fulfils the role of a director but who is operating (intentionally or otherwise) under a different designation.Regulation 38 states that, despite not being a director of a particular company, a person is a “prescribed officer” of the company for all purposes of the Act, if that person: Exercises general executive control over the management of the whole, or a significant portion, of [...]

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